James Leighton-Burns is a celebrated commercial photographer & short film maker. He started taking pictures at age 8 with his father’s polaroid camera while on holiday in Portugal. He studied under the famous Tony Maestro at Bournemouth & Poole (Nick Knight, Wolfgang Tillmans) . Turned professional at age 23, shot the Oasis album cover ‘The Masterplan’ at age 24. While starting young in the media industry James received many commissions in different areas of photography and soon moved into lifestyle and reportage while working on his portraits.

In his portrait collection he has Norman Cook, Eminem, Beck, Public Enemy, Richard E. Grant, Joe Cole, and Zero 7. He has shot the international campaigns for Boxfresh, travelled the world with Smirnoff and Xbox. Made hundreds of shoots national and international brands.

His shorts films have gained a huge success in social media, in advertising he has done campaign imagery for Alfa Romeo, the BBC and Levi’s just to name a few. His portraits can be viewed in the British National Portrait Gallery archive. Recently James has moved on to digital 51mp medium format and 4k moving images. In late 2014 James’s new studio will be active.

This website is a collection of new and archive imagery, prints and usage can be purchased.

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