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A quick showreel showing a few projects.

Something is coming... filming starts July 2017

If you like the outdoors, this is right up your river.

What It Takes...

What It Takes...

We are embarking on a journey. Five unique people over a period of 18 months, recording their lives whilst developing their skills, ambition, setting goals and giving everything they have. Their past and personal direction will take them on a journey and test their ability to keep their heads above water and focus on what is important to them. The series will be created in a cinematic perspective. Intimacy, style, drama, defeat, beauty, frustration, loss of direction. All the while, finding the strength to achieve and make everything meaningful. The format will be a hybrid of documentation, traditional cinema story and visual moments, to show why some people love something so much, regardless of the odds stacked against them. Some have family, friends and work commitments, others may have millions watching them, and some may just cope with having themselves to look after. There will be blood, sweat and tears.

(clips taken from the first hour of filming Sean, one of five documentary films.)

Bring The Thunder

Watch this space... there could be a doc happening...