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Tv Pilot

If you like the outdoors… this is right up your river,
the TV pilot has been shot.

In Post-production

The edit, voiceover and sound will be complete shortly.

What It Takes...

2:41mins – Footage taken from the first hour of filming Sean.
Five unique people will go on a journey, recording their lives whilst developing their skills, ambition, setting goals and giving everything they have. Their past and personal direction will test their ability to keep their heads above water and focus on what is important to them. The series will be created in a cinematic perspective. Intimacy, style, drama, defeat, beauty, frustration, loss of direction. All the while, finding the strength to achieve and make everything meaningful. Family, friends and work commitments can become obstacles under stress. others may have millions watching them, there will be blood, sweat and tears as a balance is found.


Sean is a young father, boxer, dancer, singer and through work helps people re-shape there lives. He requires a physical output to maintain a balance in his life. Experience the journey to achieving his goals, understand the mental structure required to perform and help. While experiencing various visual moments, some challenging, we get to know Sean, his family, friends and the situations life throws at him.

Bring The Thunder

1:04mins – A training sample.

Archive Showreel