Terms & Conditions

The term 'creative' = James Leighton-Burns

  • 50% pre-production deposit is required with the remainder 50% fee plus expenses is due once the files are submitted.
  • Do not publish the low rez files.
  • Imagery/content/film files must be paid for in full before publication.
  • Extra time has a value and will be billed on the final invoice.
  • Expenses created in pre-production and production time as the responsibility of the client not the creative.
  • The brief/proposal/pre-production invoice become the binding contract once the first payment is made.
  • All imagery/content/film created by the creative is copyright to the creative unless a full buy-out is paid in full by the client.
  • The client must confirm before manipulating the supplied imagery/content/film from the creative.
  • The client cannot sell the imagery/content/film supplied by the creative to a third party without permission.
  •  All late payments will have a 8% interest charge added daily.
  • All brands, business's found using content by the creative without permission will be fined, the client will be contacted.
  • James Leighton-Burns is a trade mark owned by James Leighton-Burns.
  • James Leighton-Burns is VAT registered. 20% will be added to invoices and can be claimed back from HMRC.
  • Services supplied by the client must be signed off first before shooting e.g. location, models, actors, voice over, wardrobe.
  • A cancelation cost is owed at 25-50% the agreed day rate or fee, depending on the length of notice.
  • Copyright law is binding for up to 80 years after submission of content or publication.

Further terms will be supplied by the acting agent of the commission