How It Works


  1. Discuss film idea.
  2. Work out an estimated cost.
  3. Forecast expenses required.
  4. Sign off brief and workload in writing.
  5. Is music supplied or found at a fee with usage fee.
  6. Agree to outline terms via email
    ‘I agree to the terms offered’.
  7. Work out a suitable film shoot schedule.
  8. Commissions may be built in rotation with other clients, confirm.
  9. Create bespoke commission contract, client signs.
  10. Supply Booking/Production Invoice to be paid ASAP and before production so a diary slot is given.
  11. The shooting dairy is left open until the booking invoice is paid. Otherwise, the crew cannot commit to production.
  12. A shooting list will be created to strike off in production. It reflects the agreed commission contract.
  13. Client supplies all assets required for branding, confirm they are the correct quality.
  14. All scripts the client wants to promote are supplied by client, studied and signed off before production.
  15. The commission is created in normal business hours unless agreed at a different rate.

Film Production

  1. Confirm locations before filming.
  2. Confirm model/actor usage.
  3. Model release signed before filming starts.
  4. Use the confirmed shooting list as a guide through production, strike off sessions filmed/recorded.
  5. Interviews are recorded with the agreed scripts.
  6. Action is recorded safely without harm to the film crew, models or actors.
  7. Note – Extra time will be charged at an agreed rate and added to the ‘Remainder Invoice.


  1. All content is downloaded from camera equipment to the editing suite.
  2. Editing software such as Premiere Pro is used to create a timeline project.
  3. Transcoded ‘Proxy files’ will be generated from the camera RAW footage to allow a smooth edit process.
  4. ‘The Rushes’ will be editing to find the correct footage clips.
  5. Supplied music is added to the timeline. Or found throughout Post-Production.
  6. The timeline will be built from footage and assets.
  7. A preview will be shown on a private web page.
  8. The film or films will be supplied in the correct format.
  9. Note – Extra time will be charged at an agreed rate and added to the ‘Remainder Invoice.
  10. With supply of film or films, the ‘Remainder Invoice’ will be supplied for payment ASAP.
  11. When payment is received, usage is granted.

Payment Terms

  1. Work outside the commission contract is classed as ‘extra time’.
  2. Extra time will be charged as day rate.
  3. Budgets under £3000 are paid up front
  4. Budgets over £3000 are paid in blocks depending on the commission duration, usually 2 or 3.
  5. If the budget is over £3000, the ‘Booking/Production Invoice’ is 50% of the commission fee.
    The ‘Remainder Invoice’ is 50% with expenses and extra time.
  6. VAT will be added to the commission fee.
  7. Payments outside the terms are subject to a 8% late payment rate.

What Is Next...

As per usual, client agrees to terms and confirms via email.
‘I agree to the terms offered by James Leighton-Burns’ or by paying the deposit the terms are agreed.