James Leighton-Burns

Commissions & Archive

Creative Lead, Scriptwriter, Director/Producer.

Film Projects

TV format, branded content, documentary.

Pre-Production | TV Doc | Ultra Runners

I am in the early stages of pre-production for a tv format concept, ultra runners… plus a few other things, more of that later. also Charlie Butcher is onboard, photo will follow.

Axe & Paddle | TV Doc | Live Off The Land

In post-production, editing and VO to finish.

TASS | Films | Photography

TASS is part of UK Sport, the governing body for athletes in the UK. 6 films, a large promo film and photography to cover the personal story of gold medal and up and coming UK athletes.

UK TV | Films | Photography

A collection of films shaped from super wide screen to square and portrait frame where used as the national promotion for the TV series Honey I Bought The House. A range of films and stills were used on billboards, bus stops, posters, tv and internet.

Working On The Idea | Film Clips

Thinking about doing something with these sub cultures.

What It Takes | Film

First hour of filming, shooting over time, following the footsteps of Sean.

Jaguar | Films

A British car maker with a long heritage. They required 6 films, 4.5min main films, 30sec teaser, different race driver reviews.

POD | Photography | Film

Advertising photography and short film clips to promote fresh food made in 26 stores.

Straight Up | Films

Live TV format, two days, 1:38mins x2, 32 acts, 4 camera crew. Intro, outro, stage, interviews, and comedy. Directed, produced and edited.

SRA | Films | Photography

A set of films and stills documenting british sport.
(archive footage)

Level Up | Music Video

A dance focus performance between fours groups.

Beaten Tracks | Sanata Cruze | Film

Fast edit, British weather.
(archive footage)

For enquiries, commissions and complete portfolio requests, call us… too many emails, text if it is important.