Race C.V.

After my father’s misdiagnosis and unfortunate passing, I found distance running, mostly on trials. I juggle this between running business’s and 4 young kids… anyway.

My first race was in December 2017, I came 17th out of 200 over 28.1 miles of hills and bad weather. A few months training, my father never made it to see my first race for charity.

April 2019 –  The Oner, 82 miles, 10,000ft climb over the Jurassic Coast, with a 24hr cut off. (the GPS recorded 86mls and 12,000ft in 21hrs) This is an extreme trail ultra, tougher than a normal 100 miler. I picked it as bad weather tester… helped a few folk get through the night, grabbed some speed foe the last 10 miles and gained 6 places, 50% didn’t make it. Loved it.

August – Centurion NDW100, 100 miles, 10,000ft climb with a  30hr cut off. Work projects have a priority, it should be a fun adventure and no stopping this time.

Both races are ‘A races’ with 5 ITRA points, some of the toughest races in the UK.

Next year – UTMB (105ml 10,000m) and then The Spine race…264ml. All the races I am doing are training for The Spine race. Then I am going back to the start of my race journey and doing everything a bit faster, as the kids will be older, more time to train, more experience, the goal is 3 years from my first race to entering The Spine race… why not pick one of the toughest races in the world for a goal.


Howies | Runners Film | Friday Night

Lush amazing clothing stuff just arrived… for the hills and casual and everything in between. Some of you longer range folk may know I am in pre-production for a broadcast format, concept film about runners… a mix of persona life and the race mindset. I am keeping the title hush hush. Anyway, it’s Friday, finishing work then running on the hills… guess what I am taking/wearing/rubbing on my face later. Check out their stuff, real clothes for real folk who get up to all sorts.  Nice fabrics, colour, fit all of it.  https://howies.co.uk/


February 2018 – (first road race)
Worth HM – 13.1miles
Position – 143rd out of 1811
Type – Road
Time – 1:30hrs


February 2018 – (drop in race)
Park Run – 3.1miles
Position – 11th out of 352
Type – Road
Time – 19.14mins


July 2018 – (a hot race)
Beat The Tide – 10k
Position – 15th out of 376
Type – Beach surface, sand and stones
Time – 44:46mins


December 2018 – (very ill, still ran)
DD9 – 9miles
Position – 31st out of 253
Type – Trail steep hills
Time – 1:12hrs


June 2019 – (no training)
Worthing 10k – 6.2miles
Position – 79th out of 2257 (15th in AG)
Type – Hot weather road race
Time – 41:19mins (3rd fastest 10k)


December 2017 – (first trail race for charity)
Mouth To Mouth – 28 miles
Position – 17th out of 200
Type – Trail
Time – 4:06hrs


January 2018 –
(weather change, wrong shoes)
Dark Star River Mud Race – 28miles
Position – 31st out of 200 (I will revisit…)
Type – Trail
Time – 4:20hrs


May 2018 – (hottest recorded May)
Three Forts Challenge – 28miles
Position – 21st out of 800 plus
Type – Trail
Time – 4:12hrs


January 2019 –
(second attempt, ran with a limp,
sitting at a desk too long)
Dark Star River Mud Race – 28miles
Position – 16th out of 200
Type – Trail
Time – 4:08hrs


April 2018 –
Centurion SDW50 – 50miles
16th In My Age group
40th out of 400
Type – Trail 5700ft of climb
Time – 8:23hrs
ITRA  – 4 points

April 2019 –
The Oner – 82 miles
7th In My Age group
26th out of 120
Type – Trail 10,000ft of climb
Time – 21:17hrs
ITRA – 5 points

(GPS record 86mls & 12,000ft)

Qualified 2019:

August 2019 –
Centurion NDW100 – 100 miles
Position –
Type – Trail 10,000ft of climb
Time –
ITRA – 5 points