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I’m working on some new projects that are not live yet… people stories and high concept, soon, it’s coming.

Title – Showreel
Duration – 2:31mins
Notes – Various

Broadcast ProjectEarly Preview Clip… all shot, just VO Sessions left.. which their will be a lot of…
Title – REC709 16:9 format from full 4K Log3 made by Sony FS7. Sample edit from the rushes, joined actions, the second edit after VO will have a shorter intro and pieced together differently.

Duration – 3:41mins sample. Three day shoot to achieve 45mins duration.

Notes – No VO just background music for clip preview, simple grade, the broadcast doc has 60mins of final footage to cut down to 45mins. The story is about a man who travels the river and lives off the land, builds things with his hands to help his journey. Once completed, Amazon Prime. Self-financed, produced and directed. The Final grade with go through Resolve etc.