James Leighton-Burns

Commissions & Archive

Creative Lead, Scriptwriter, Director/Producer.

Straight Up (more clips live shortly)

Live TV Format, Double DVD, 1:38mins Per DVD, 32 Performances, 4 Camera Crew, Resolve Studio.

Intro | Logo | Various Clips

2 days at The Dome Theatre, outline the performance with backstage rehearsal footage.

Outro | Credits | Various Clips

Outline the performance with backstage rehearsal footage, credits and humour.

Performance | Urban Strides Youth | Stage

A dramatic performance, intense soundtrack.

Performance | Novalux | Stage

A mixture of street and club dance.

Performance | Project Female | Stage

An art performance.

Interview | JP Omari  | History

How Straight Up started.

Interview | JP Omari  | Guest Acts

Sharing the experience.

Interview | JP Omari  | Origen (final act)

What is next for Origin? World Championships.

Interview | Monique  | Backstage

Putting it all together.

Performance | OPD | Stage

Hip Hop for the older generation.

Interview | JP Omari  | Final Comedy Clip

After the credits.

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